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Propose a method to answer the question written below.Suppose that your measurement of...

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Propose a method to answer the question written below.

Suppose that your measurement of the ph of a clear solution is 3. You are asked to find out whether the solution is (1) a very dilute solution of a strong acid or (2) a more concentrated solution of a weak acid.

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Hydrogen ion concentration is expressed as the pH of the solution. In your example, the pH is 3, this is an acid. The pH scale is 0-14, seven is a neutral solution, anything less than seven is acidic and anything more than seven is alkaline or basic.

As far as the solutions concentration, whether it is dilute or concentrated, depends on the amount of the diluent. A pH of 3 is a strong acid, but what are your measurements (amounts) of the solutes or diluents? Depending on the ratio of the solutes and diluents is how you determine whether it is a dilute solution or a concentrated one. In other words, what is the total amount in ml's of the total solution? Then what are the total amounts in ml's of the solute and diluent? It depends on the total volumes that you have in the solution.

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