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Problem of missing Edit Buttons at the bottom of Text BoxWhile writing my post #6 today...

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Problem of missing Edit Buttons at the bottom of Text Box

While writing my post #6 today on topic:

Do you regret the removal of the edit function on Enotes?

I did not find the Edit Buttons at the bottom of the text box. The result was that the whole post appeared as one paragraph though it was divided in to 5 paragraphs. It also deprived me of formatting and spell-check.

Has anyone experienced such a problem and can eNotes administration look in to it as I have experienced it earlier as well?

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I have experienced missing edit functions in the past. What I did was check to see if the function was there as soon as I claimed the question. If it was not, I would reload the page.

Another way to get by without the edit function is to write a response in a document which checks spelling and grammar and then past it into the dialogue box. Sometimes can be a problem, but it insures that answers are up to the standards of eNotes editors.

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