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With regard to the Great Depression, President Herbert Hoovera. was reluctant to use...

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With regard to the Great Depression, President Herbert Hoover

a. was reluctant to use government action to fight the Depression     
b. believed volunterism and the American spirit would end the Depression

c tried but failed to create a private agency to help banks.     
d. did all the above.

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Of the answers provided here, the best choice is D.

Herbert Hoover was president when the Depression started.  He believed that people should help themselves and others instead of expecting the government to step in.  This makes A and B true.  Hoover did try to get the government involved in ending the Depression, but because A and B were true, he didn't do enough.  One of the things Hoover did try to do was to create the National Credit Corporation which was a voluntary organization meant to help banks.  It failed, making C true as well.    

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