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prepare a payroll register. the dateof payment is august 31. use the income tax...

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prepare a payroll register. the dateof payment is august 31. use the income tax withholding tables shown to find the tax withholding for each employee.calculate social security and medicare tax withholdings using 6.2% and 1.45% tax rates, respectively. none of the employees has accumulated earnings greater than the social security tax base. prepare a check for the total amount of the net pay. make the check payable to payroll account 59-721-65,and sign your name as the manager of arrow company. the beginning check stub balance is $16,216.90. prepare payroll checksfor peter c. acron, check no.1692, and franklin b. hiett,chech no.1696. sign your name as the manager of arrow company. record the two payroll check numbers in the payroll register.preparing a semimonthly payroll. the following information for arrow company is for the semimonthly pay period august 16-31 of the current year.employee number 5, employee's name-acron,peter c., marital status-m, no.of allowances-3, regular earnings-$1,126.40, overtime earnings-$115.20, deductions,health insurance-$60.00,saving bonds-$10.00, employee #,7, barenis,mary p., marital status-s, no.of allowances-1, regular earnings-$1,155.00,deductions,health insurance-$25.00, emp.#. 8, epps john p.,marital status-m, no.of allowances-2, regular earnings-$792.00, health insurance-$40.00, saving bonds-$10.00,emp.#1, goforth,alice a, marital status-s, no.of allowances-2,regular earnings-$1,135.20, overtime-$77.40, health insurance-$40.00,emp.#8, hiett,franklin b, marital status-m, no.of allowances-3, regular earnings-$1,188.00, health insurance-$60.00,savings bond-$10.00,emp.# 9, land,keith,marital status-s, no.of allowances-1, regular earnings-$954.00,health insurance-$25.00,savings bond-$10.00, emp.#.2, malone,lillie l, marital status-s, no.of allowances-1, regular earnings-$1,083.60, health insurance-$25.00, emp.#. 4, rivers, linda k, marital status-m,no.of allowances-2, regular earnings-$1,091.20,overtime-$93.00, health insurance-$40.00, emp.#.10, sowell,jacob s, marital status-m, no.of allowances-2, regular earnings-$1,161.60, health insurance-$40.00, savings bond-$10.00, emp.#3, vole,ryan v, marital status-m, no.of allowances-5, regular earnings-$1,075.00, health insurance-$80.00, savings bond-$10.00

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