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Predict the precipitate formed when these solutions are mixed:1. Silver nitrate and...

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Predict the precipitate formed when these solutions are mixed:

1. Silver nitrate and sodium chloride
2. Mercury(I) nitrate and potassium iodide
3. Calcium nitrate and lithium carbonate
4. Barium nitrate and sodium sulfate

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`AgNO_3+NaCl rarr AgCl+NaNO_3`

`AgCl ` will precipitate in white color.



`Hg(NO_3)_2+2KI rarr HgI_2+2KNO_3`

`HgI_2` will precipitate in red-orange color.



`Ca(NO_3)_2+Li_2CO_3 rarr CaCO_3+2LiNO_3`

`CaCO_3` will precipitate in cream or white color.



`Ba(NO_3)_2+Na_2SO_4 rarr BaSO_4+2NaNO_3`

`BaSO_4` will precipitate in white color.



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Percipitation reactionsmajorly consists of reaction between ions to form a sparingly soluble(nearly insoluble) compounds so that they come out as percipitate. Therefore wrtiting thecompounds in ionic form helps. You should alsohave a good knowledge if the common lab reagents are soluble or not.



the reaction is:

AgNO3 + NaCl ----------->  NaNO3  +  AgCl

the reaction in ionic form is:

Ag+   +   NO3-  +  Na+   +   Cl-  -------->  Na+   +  NO3-  +  AgCl

Here AgCl is not written in ionic form as it is insoluble.

thus the net reaction is:

Ag+   +   Cl-  --------------->  AgCl

thus a percipitate of white AgCl is seen. AgNO3 is a common reagent to detect Cl-,Br-,I- ions.


2) Similarly

Hg2++ + 2NO3-- + 2K+ + 2I- -------> 2K+ + 2I- + Hg2I2

Thus the percipitate is yellow Hg2I2. (Mercury(I)ion is Hg2++ not Hg +)


3) Similarly

Ca++  + 2NO3- + 2Li+ + CO3--  ------> 2Li+ +2NO3- + CaCO3

Thus the percipitate is of white calcium carbonate


4) Similarly

Ba++ + 2NO3- + 2Na+ + SO4-- --------> 2Na+ + 2NO3- + BaSO4

Thus the percipitate is of white barium sulphate.

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