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The post-Millennial generation has not yet been named (those children born after 2000)....

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The post-Millennial generation has not yet been named (those children born after 2000). What do you think this new generation's characteristics will be as it comes of age? Consider generational archetypes and current events in your answer. 

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The original question had to be edited.  I think that the current generation that is emerging after the Millennials features some distinct traits.  One trait is their dependence on technology.  This current generation's frame of reference is the first one to be completely enveloped by technology. Smart phones, iPads, tablets, and texting all represent how technological advances cradle their experiences.  I am not sure any previous generation experienced so much of their lives with technology's presence acting as a metronome.  Along these lines, this particular generation is dependent on social networking via technology.  Twitter, facebook, and Instagram are all examples of how technology is used to impact social bonds between individuals.  A generation that grew up in the face of the internet has shown itself to be dependent on it.

At the same time, another trait of this generation is to be born into a particularly historical time period while struggling to find meaning within it.  The historical trends that have enveloped this generation have been impressive.  The shadow of the September 11 attacks and the perpetual War on Terror, the election of Barack Obama, as well as an economic crisis that is on par with the Great Depression are significant instants of history.  Although living through such seismic and historical realities, meaning is something that is not seen as definitive within this generation.  When the Baby Boomers experienced Armstrong walking on the moon or Kennedy's death, such moments in history were defining to the generation, galvanizing them into action.  They grasped the historical condition in which they lived.  This particular generation is struggling to find that historical bond.  History happens around them, but the narrative as to what this history means and how it defines them as a generation is not clear.  The only response generated is to text about it, tweet it, and express it in 140 characters or less while posting on instagram about it.  In this, a distinctive trait of this generation can be seen.


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