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Position of Hydrogen in the Periodic TableThe position of hydrogen is the only major...

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Position of Hydrogen in the Periodic Table

The position of hydrogen is the only major drawback of the Modern Periodic Table as designed by Henry Mosely. Hydrogen can be placed   in Group17 or VII/A which is the group of Halogens as it shows the similarity with the properties of the Halogens where it is not placed at present or can be placed in Group1 or I/A i.e. group of alkali metals where it is present at present as it also shows similarity with the properties og these alkali metals.

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Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table and also has 1 proton and 1 elctron represented in the atomic number-1. Their mass number is also 1, the mass number is number of protons-1 + the number of neutrons-0 = 1. Since it has 1 electron it needs 1 more to get to a full outer first shell that is why it is on the first row or period of the table. The group is difficult to know beecause it has a similar electron structure to group 1 but group 1 are alkali metals but hydrogen is a gas so it could go in group 6 or 7. It probably goes it group 7 becasue group 7 are halogens, gases, needs 1 electron to complete its outer shell and is diatomic meaning it goes around in twos-H2, with itself it is a covalent bond it shares electrons to make H2 because hydrogen only needs 1 electron and 1 has only 1 shell.

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