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PolygamyWhy is jealously bad when you marry two people at once? I can only think of a...

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Why is jealously bad when you marry two people at once? I can only think of a few reasons.

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Well marriage is supposed to be tie between two people that respect, love, and care for one another.  When you have share that bond with another of course there will be jealousy.  Another reason is the sanctity of the sexual connection.  Many religious people wait until they are married to have sex, and know that they will only give themselves to one person, so when you are sharing the bed also, that is when jealousy really rears its ugly head.

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I am assuming we are talking about one man having more than one wife. Simply put, it is difficult to share people with someone else. There are feelings of jealousy because many times there are feelings that the other woman is being treated better, instead of equally. In addition, there may be feelings that the children of one are treated better as well.

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Jealousy is always going to cause conflict. Polygamists often claim that there is no jealousy in the relationship. Usually there are carefully constructed boundaries and careful sharing. Most people are used to monogamous relationships though, unless they were raised in a culture of polygamy. Romantic love always involves challenges, but in most relationships it is a compromise involving two people. Polygamy increases the compromise, which might exponentially increase the conflict.

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