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A police offer may warn that “speed kills.”  In video games, high-speed crashes...

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A police offer may warn that “speed kills.”  In video games, high-speed crashes are common.  Suppose a particular scene in a game required the following elements:

  • a high performance motorcycle must crash into a barrier and be stopped
  • a small scooter must crash into another section of the same barrier and be stopped
  • the forces exerted as each vehicle collides with the barrier change the shape of that section of the barrier in addition to stopping the vehicle
  • the time required to stop each vehicle must be realistic


In a paragraph, explain how you could use the concept of momentum and net force to make each simulated crash realistic.  In general, how could you use momentum and Newton's laws of motion to predict the amount that each section of the barrier changes shape?

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Newton's second law of motion which relate force ,mass and acceleration of the moving object. Let F be the force of object moving with velocity v and has a mass m

F=ma , wher a is acceleration of the moving object or rate of change of velocity

F=m rateof change of velocity.

since m.v= momentum of the object.

F= rate of change of momentum of the body

Let  barrier exerts force BF.

IF BF > F then body will stop  but change some shape of the barrier.

IF BF= F  balanced force ,even body will stop.

If BF< F then body will not stop.

So in all we will have to estimate force F.

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