Point of View of The most dangerous game? help please! What is the point of view of The Most Dangerous Game?Can someone please help me understand what the point of view of the most dangerous...

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You are right. It is third person omniscient point of view. The best place to judge the point of view is in the narration, not the dialogue. In the narration, the author tells us what Ransford is thinking. After Rainsford falls in and swims toward the sound of the shots, he arrives at the island very hungry. A pistol shot means people and and people mean food he thinks. Only an omnisicent narrator can tell us the thoughts and feelings of a character in a story. A third person objective narrator could not tell the reader anything but the facts he sees and hears. A first person narrator would have the character using the pronoun "I", rather than referring to himself in the third person, like Rainsford stroked for the island.

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Actually, it is third person limited. If it were omnicient the narrator would know the thoughts of Zarrof, but the narrator doesn't here. Only the thoughts of Rainsford.

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