In the poem "Same Song" by Pat Mora, what does the title mean?Does the title just mean that even though the son and daughter are different, they have the SAME issue of caring too much about their...

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Unfortunately, because there is no group for Pat Mora or for this poem, I have to leave it in the overall Literature group. You sould as if you have cracked the meaning of the poem, however. Clearly, the way that the poem is structured in two stanzas, both of which deals with the two children of the speaker and the different ways that they feel forced into practising behaviours that they don't necessarily want to practise to satisfy the demands of society of their appearance and the way they look. Note how both daughter and soon peer "into that mirror, mirror" and frown at their appearance. Also I am sure you identified the allusion to the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, where the evil stepmother looks into the "mirror, mirror on the wall," demanding to know if she is the most beautiful "of them all." Mora seems to be bemoaning a society that causes children to take such an obsessive interest in their looks and prevents them from being happy with themselves. Both girl and boy sing the "same song."

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