In the poem "On Her Loving Two Equally", which of the two lovers does the speaker prefer?I'm confused as the words within the poem do not specify whom the speaker admires most. Help is greatly...

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She doesn't prefer either one of them to the other.  The title tells you that she loves them both "equally".  She says that Damon would never had gotten her heart if Alexis had not come along.  But then again Alexis could not gain her love if it hadn't been for Damon.  When Alexis is present, she wants Damon; but when Alexis is absent, Damon gets nothing but her scorn. She can't make up her mind, so she asks Cupid to take back one of his darts and do it for her.  However, she starts to reneg on that request because if Cupid would pick Damon, all her hopes would be dashed; but if Cupid picked Alexis, she would feel lost.

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