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plz I need a commentrey on the few lines in the explaination mentioning the features,...

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plz I need a commentrey on the few lines in the explaination mentioning the features, techniques, language and style.

Thank you ...

VOLP: Loving Mosca!

'Tis well: my pillow now, and let him enter.


Now, my fain'd cough, my pthisic, and my gout,

My apoplexy, palsy, and catarrhs,

Help, with your forced functions, this my posture,

Wherein, this three year, I have milk'd their hopes.

He comes; I hear him - Uh! [COUGHING.] uh! uh! uh! O -


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bickemanne-a | High School Teacher | eNoter

Posted December 20, 2010 at 2:13 AM (Answer #1)

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Ben Jonson uses his 1600's playwriting style similar to Shakespeare's language. He used the Literary technique of using Sonnets to express his playwrites. His language is Shakespearean language to express his feelings towards the theme of Greed and Parasitism in the same way that Shakespeare uses his own created languages to show the similarity of his works to our current world in the sense of Social Commentary. The references following will help to explain more about the techniques that Jonson and Shakespeare use in their own playwrites at that time in the Literary World.


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