Please give me a ready made speech on the Anne Frank as a writer.

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I'm reasonably certain no one on this site is going to do this for you, and there are two reasons for that.  One, it's important--especially in a speech--for you to speak from some experience and understanding.  In other words, to speak effectively, you must speak what you know and believe to be true.  Second, this is a broad subject and I have to wonder if any such "ready-made" speech even exists, though people have certainly written a lot about The Diary of Anne Frank.

Instead, let me give you a few ideas from which you can write your own speech.  Every good speech is well organized and well supported with examples which prove your points.  So, decide what two or three things (depending on how long the speech is supposed to be) you think are most noticeable or recognizable or worst or interesting or whatever else about her writing.  Write a clear thesis (purpose) statement including those two or three points.  Then, prove it, using some examples from your reading and observation for each point.  From there, you have the makings of a speech.

For example, one quality of Anne Frank's writing is that she is honest.  We know that because she shares everything she thinks and feels, and some of it is not very flattering.  Because she includes __________ and _________ and__________, we trust her as an honest, reliable writer.  (You fill in the blanks with some examples, and you've made your argument.)

The only other element to consider, then, is what to do for the intro and conclusion.  I assume your teacher has talked with you about the variety of ways to capture an audience's interest and how to summarize and conclude effectively.  In this case, perhaps you can choose a short passage of her writing which seems applicable, using part of it at the beginning and finishing it in the conclusion.

Below I've included a link to some critical articles which might give you more insights on Anne Frank's writing style to help get you started.

Best wishes as you complete this assignment!

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The previous thoughts are well warranted.  As you construct your speech on Frank the writer, do pay attention to how she evolves in her writing and thought as the diary progresses.  From someone who is rather driven by self interest and a sense of the world existing only for herself, Anne's writing becomes much more mature and reflects the adolescent understanding of the world being both about the self as well as existing on its own.  The last entry in which Anne discusses, quite artfully, the nature of human beings and whether or not there is a propensity for good is a powerfully compelling idea and something that is articulated in a very mature manner.  If you were to deliver a speech on this, I would point to such a moment in her writing where she, as an author, is able to balance out the need to validate her own experience being in the Annexe as well as authenticate the pain and suffering in the world around her.  It is a fine balance she strikes in that she writes as part of this world and yet separate of it.

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