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I really like the magazine called "The Week" that focuses on current events and politics. The articles are always short and very well written. They scour the country for important or interesting local news, and do the same tning for the world media.
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I found this article on to be interesting. It's a list of famous people ("newsmakers") who died during the past year. All the newspapers, television news shows, and magazines compile lists at the end of the year. It's interesting to see who died and why they were famous. Some are instantly recognizable; others are known to older people but not the younger generation.

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I think that you might want to specify a bit more in terms for what kind of article you are searching.  There are many articles out there.  Given the timeliness, I think a recent article on the one year anniversary of the shootings at Northern Illinois University might have some relevance. It is such a sad moment that marking it seems always meaningful.

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I’m not exactly sure what sort of information you need with regard to your article, but in my area, many of my students would find this article fascinating. They would also love to debate the veracity of the scientific findings which would give us an opportunity to discuss supporting arguments with valid proof.

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I found this article interesting. It is about a 4-year old pre-schooler suspended for violating school dress code by wearing his hair too long. Two things come to mind for me, first, how many 4 year olds really care how long their hair is or is it the parents who want the long hair, and second, was his long hair really that big of a disruption to his learning or the learning of others before the district made it an issue.

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I am providing you with a link to an article in Newsweek. This article is approximately three on-line pages long. I am not sure what you mean by a short article. It is about our popular culture and how we love to gossip about celebrities. 

I have chosen this article for two reason. First I hope it is interesting to you because it mentions many celebrities you are probably familiar with. Second, it is an interesting analysis of culture today.

Once you have a link to Newsweek, if you do not like that article, it will be easy for you to browse around to find one you do.  Newsweek is a good source for articles because the writing is of a higher quality than many magazines of general circulation.  It will make you think a bit, and you might have to look up a few words, which is good for everyone!

Good luck to you!

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I would suggest that you look at either The NY Times or Washington Post.  They have the most variety of articles: everything from arts to sports. You can also find some very intersteing articles on music, movies, and cooking.

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