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Please summarize the story "The Colomber" by Dino Buzzatti.

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Posted June 16, 2009 at 11:40 AM via web

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Please summarize the story "The Colomber" by Dino Buzzatti.

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epollock | (Level 3) Valedictorian

Posted June 16, 2009 at 11:56 AM (Answer #1)

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"The Colomber" by Dino Buzzati is a wonderful gripping tale of suspense and mystery.

Stefano Roi, a 12-year old boy, gets on his father's ship and decides he wants to live a life at sea, just like his father. He notices a strange creature in the water and alerts his father. His father tells him that he has seen the colomber--a ferocious shark that goes after its victims until death but is invisible to everyone except the victim and their blood relatives.

The father steers the ship around and leaves Stefano on shore. Stefano then leaves for school, but everytime he returns, he sees the colomber waiting for him in the ocean.

His father soon dies, and Stefano goes to sea despite the danger from the colomber. Stefano takes many voyages continually tormented by the colomber and doesn't spend too much time at home.

Stefano then confronts the colomber, who explains that he has not been tormenting him but trying to offer him a pearl of the sea. Two months later, a boat washes up on shore with a skeleton grasping a small stone in its hand.

The story adds a touch of horror at the end to make it a wonderful story.

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