Regarding the art work at the link, how do I explain the design, symbols and color meanings in the art work so I can then relate them to my personality, values, goals, and culture, and how would I...

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What a wonderful assignment. This type of assignment allows a person to make direct connections between a piece of art and themselves. This is very similar to Reader-Response in literature where readers make direct inferences, reasonings, and detract meaning based upon personal experience. 

Since the question asks for a personal reaction to the piece, the answer I will provide is my own. What I hope this does is help you to understand what the question is asking of you as the one answering. 

Personality: I am, by nature, a very calm person. Given the use of blues and browns (in muted tones), the piece speaks to my own personality as one who loves inner peace, truths, security, and simplicity. 

Values: As a person who finds that once something is begun it must be finished, I see this action in the piece. The woman is either finishing her work (given the "movement of her hand"), or she has already finished her work (given the empty vessels). 

Goals: Combining both my personality and values, I can see my goals in the piece (brought out by the choice of color). The browns and blues signify peace, truth, security, and simplicity. These are all things I strive for in my own life and the lives of my children and students. 

Culture: This is the only place where I think the piece does not speak to my culture. It is very specific to the nature of the artists. My culture, Midwestern American, is very different. The Midwest possesses people of many different races, cultures, traditions, and ideologies. Given the limited use of browns and blues, the color of the piece does not reflect the great differences of my culture. 


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