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What are the similarities and differences of the rebellion of characters in the...

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What are the similarities and differences of the rebellion of characters in the Chrysalids and Fahrenheit 451?

I don't understand what the similarities and differences are between David and Montag's rebellion plus how as well as why they rebelled against their society.
Please help me, I am so confused.

I am writing an essay on the similarities and differences between their rebellions and I have no clue as what the 3 body paragraph topics should be. Your help would be GREATLY appriciated.

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A similarity is that each character’s rebellion is a personal one based on an awakening.  A difference is that in The Chrysalids David has special powers that put him at risk, whereas in Fahrenheit 451 it is Montag’s curiosity in books that puts him at risk.

In each case, the young man meets a young lady who is different.  Clarisse gives Montag a new perspective.

Are you happy?" she said.

"Am I what?" he cried.

But she was gone-running in the moonlight. Her front door shut gently.

"Happy! Of all the nonsense."

He stopped laughing. (Part I)

Clarisse makes Montag re-evaluate his life.  He realizes that he is not happy.  He is not even sure what that means.  His life with his wife seems all too artificial.  Her death hits him hard, and he reacts very differently to Faber and the possibility of books because of it.

David has a similar experience when he meets Sophie, the girl with six toes.  Until then, he was a normal boy taking the world “for granted.”

And I kept on like that until the day I met Sophie. Even then, the difference was not immediate. It is hind-sight that enables me to fix that as the day when my first small doubts started to germinate. (ch 1)

Differences are not accepted in either case.  David is puzzled by Sophie because she seems like an ordinary girl, although she is not ordinary.  He tries to protect her, even when his father insists he tell where she has gone.

You know, David, concealment of a Blasphemy -- not reporting a human deviation -- is a very, very serious thing.  (ch 5)

Although they are both powerless, one of the major differences between David and Montag is that David is a child.  When his father beats him until he tells where Sophie is, there is nothing he can do. 

Montag, on the other hand, has no control over what happens to Clarisse.  She is in his life for a comparatively shorter time, and then is dead.  In each case, the death spurs on the character’s desire for change.


In each case, the ending brings an end to civilization.  The ending of The Chrysalids is almost positive, in that the telepaths are rescued.  The new world is, presumably, better than the old.  In Fahrenheit 451 the bombs shake up the society enough so that they realize they need the people with the books memorized to help them recover.


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