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Please help think of a thesis statement for an essay.  The theme is evil, its...

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Please help think of a thesis statement for an essay.


The theme is evil, its contagion, and its self-destruction -- evil breeding evil and leading to ruin. Explain and provide examples to support this statement.

One of my topics is:

- Claudius murdering his brother and later ruining himself.

Could anyone please help me think of two more?

Thank you in advance!


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The author, William Shakespear,effectively proves that evil is a contagion, evil breeds evil, and evil leads to ruin.

The author shows us, through the murder of Claudius's brother, that evil is contagious, it leads to self destruction, and evil breeds evil.

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You might include Gertrude in your essay. Claudius manages to corrupt the widow of the brother he murdered. He proceeds to debauch her in a sort of frenzy, trying to forget his crime and to make her forget her dead husband, who, according to Hamlet, was infinitely superior to Claudius in every way.

You might explain that Claudius is drinking so heavily, not because he enjoys it, but because he is trying to drown his conscience. This drunkenness brings out the worst in him, as drunkenness does in everybody who chronically driinks to excess. And it might even be maintained that his heavy drinking will lead to his doom because it causes him to act rashly. Characteristically of a heavy drinker, he tries to get everybody to drink with him.

Claudius tries to drag others into his web of evil. Misery loves company. He easily corrupts Polonius, who had been the loyal counselor of King Hamlet. Polonius ends up spying on Hamlet and on Hamlet's mother and hiding in a grossly undignified manner. This behavior leads to his death, which unleashes all sorts of evils in Elsinore.

Laertes leads a rebellion, then is corrupted by Claudius and tries to kill Hamlet in a villainous fashion by stabbing him with a poisoned foil. Ophelia commits suicide because her father's death has caused a mental breakdown.

Claudius tries to drag Rosencrantz and Guildenstern into his web of evil by geting them to spy on Hamlet and report back to him. Ultimately their interference causes their own deaths.

Hamlet seems to understand that Claudius is self-destructing and does not need to be assassinated.


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