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Please help me understand the following poem:Facade Someone pointing,whispering that...

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Please help me understand the following poem:


Someone pointing,whispering that ever-resent question to you.

What are you going to answer when they ask," Who is she?"

You can describe me, that much is true.

But how?

Oh she's the wheelchair-bound pity case.

Blue eyes, light brown hair.

You have no right to write me off like that.

Just look past the twisted limbs, finding me isn't hard.

Why won't you even try?

You dont know me at all.

What's my favorite color?

What kind of toothpaste do i use?

Do i like the rain,or is it swimming that i choose?

Why should you care about the answers? No one else does.

What difference does it make to you?

What do you care?

Your answers are familiar,but they're all lies.

You're hiding from me

And it hurts.

Look past the facade,

Find me

And be my friend.

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I believe that this poem is meant to portray the feelings of a disabled person who has to deal with the attitudes of the "normal" population on a day to day basis.  This person is sick of being pities, and she is also so angry that it is hard to get to know her.

In the first part of the poem, she is saying that people only see her as the person in the wheel chair.  She is saying that they do not see her as an actual person because all they can see is the handicap.  That's why they don't ask her any of those questions.

But then the tone turns to one of anger.  She's saying "you guys don't care about me" and I'm not going to talk to you when you ask me questions.

Finally, the speaker calms down and admits that she needs someone to look beyond her facades of anger and uncaring and find the real her -- the one that needs a friend.

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