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Please give me examples of major thems in Fahrenheit 451Although Ray Bradbury's work is...

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Please give me examples of major thems in Fahrenheit 451

Although Ray Bradbury's work is often referred to as science fiction, Fahrenheit has plenty to say about the world as it is and not as it could be. As you review the book, list 2 examples from the book of each theme mentioned below. Then give one current example from the news of each theme.

conformity vs. individuality

freedom of speech and the consequences of losing it

the importance of remembering and understanding history

machines as helpers to humans, machines as hindrances or enemies

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One major theme of the novel is the theme of self-destruction. The women are all considered to be images of fire. They continually smoke cigarettes lit by fire, their hair is considered to be "sun-fired" meaning very blonde, and they have "blazing" fingernails. In Part II, The Seive and the Sand," Montag refers to Mildred as a "wax doll melting in its own heat" (pg 84). Mildred is refusing to acknowledge reality and only stays in her world and focuses on what is in front of her instead of seeking out the truth. Montag even shows a part of self-destruction when he refused to follow Faber's advice and engaged Millie and her friends in poetry reading. 


There is also the theme of true happiness. Happiness is this novel is the focus of their society. They do not want to have anything sad or destructive in their society. The people in this society do not make their own decisions, and follow what Beatty says on page 115: "A problem gets too burdensome, then into the furnace with it." When something become too hard, the people get rid of it by burning it. Happiness is this society is only an illusion. So many people are committng suicide because they are unhappy. If happiness was really present, there would be a lower rate of suicides. 

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