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How do analyze the following quotation from She Stoops to Conquer? " Prudence once more...

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How do analyze the following quotation from She Stoops to Conquer?

" Prudence once more comes to my relief, and I will obey its dictates. In the moment of passion, fortune may be despised, but it ever produces a lasting repentence. I am resolved to apply to Mr. Hardcastle's compassion and justic for redress.'' (Constance to  Hastings, Act 5)

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Constance wants to marry Hastings, but her aunt and uncle want her to marry their son.

In this quote, Constance is trying to explain to Hastings why she can’t just marry him.

Just as Tony has no control over his fate, Constance does not.  She tells Hastings, the man she does love, that she has to rely on Hardcastle.  He is her guardian, and her fate is in his hands.

HASTINGS. But though he had the will, he has not the power to relieve you.

MISS NEVILLE. But he has influence, and upon that I am resolved to rely. (Act 5)

Constance is a good girl.  Mrs. Hardcastle thinks that she has run off with the jewels, when in fact it is just another of Tony’s tricks.  As soon as Mr. Hardcastle reveals that Tony is old enough to refuse Constance, he does—and she can marry Hastings, and Marlow can marry Kate.

Constance's reaction to Hastings demonstrates that she is a good person, but Mrs. Hardcastle is not.  Mrs. Hardcastle has only been trying to get her to marry Tony so she can have the jewels.  Constance wants to marry for love, and does not care about jewels.



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