What does the following quotation mean from She Stoops to Conquer? ''Pardon me madam. I was willing to be amused. The folly of most people is rather an object of mirth than uneasiness.'' Marlow to...

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This quote demonstrates that Marlow is witty and capable of having fun.

Marlow finds it difficult to talk to ladies, although he can flirt with barmaids.

Hastings has told Marlow that they are at an inn, and not a gentleman’s house.  Hastings introduces Marlow to Kate, and Marlow is shy. 

HASTINGS. (To him.) Bravo, bravo. Never spoke so well in your whole life. Well, Miss Hardcastle, I see that you and Mr. Marlow are going to be very good company. I believe our being here will but embarrass the interview. (Act 2)

Kate describes Marlow as “sober,” but she also feels that he has potential if he were not so shy.  Kate is interested in Marlow from the beginning, but she finds him annoying because he is so formal and reserved.  She feels like if he can come out of his shell she can enjoy him more.  This witty phrase, couched in formality, is an example of the potential Marlow has.


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