How do I analyze the following quotation from She Stoops to Conquer? "So I find this fellow's civilities begin to grow troublesome. But who can be angry at those assiduties which are meant to...

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Hastings thinks that Hardcastle’s behavior is strange, when in reality Hardcastle is not an innkeeper but a gentleman and Marlow and Hastings are his guests.

Marlow thinks that Hardcastle is an innkeeper, and Hardcastle thinks Marlow is his prospective son in law.  This confusion results in the strange way they talk to each other.  Tony told Marlow that Hardcastle’s house was an inn called Buck's Head.  Marlow also admits to Hastings that he does not know how to talk to “modest women,” and can only flirt with barmaids.

If Hastings begins to be concerned about the behavior of the innkeeper, he is even more shocked to see Constance Neville appear.  He is shocked to see his girl at an inn.  Constance sets him straight.

An inn! sure you mistake: my aunt, my guardian, lives here. What could induce you to think this house an inn? (Act 2)

At this point, Hastings realizes that something is wrong.  Constance tells him that Tony tricked them.  Hastings worries that Constance wants to marry Tony, or he wants to marry her, but she assures him that her cousin has no interest in her.  She has no interest in him either.  Tony’s mother wants him to marry Constance so she can keep the girl’s jewels.


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