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Places to live in the United States and Canada ¿Cuál sería el mejor lugar para...

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Places to live in the United States and Canada

 ¿Cuál sería el mejor lugar para vivir en Canadá y Los Estados Unidos?

Which would be the best place to live in Canada and the United States?

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This is a question that will vary by opinion, but I suggest California.  California has the best weather, and also happens to be free from hurricanes and tornadoes.  While we have earthquakes, we don’t have them nearly as often.

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The only area of Canada that I have visited is the west coast - British Columbia. Vancouver and Victoria are nice cities to visit and seem like they'd probably nice places to live. On the ocean, the weather is tempered a bit so that famous cold of Canada is not so extreme. There is also quite a bit of cultural diversity on the Canadian west coast, which is a plus too. 

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Thanks for your responses. I must apologize for the lack of proper capitalization in some of my posts. The editors change the titles but do not write them properly. I don't know why.

What do you all think of Toronto?

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I love the Midwest. I live in Illinois. Living here, I am able to experience every season in each season's full diversity. For me, I enjoy being a little more inland (keeps away the extreme weather of the coasts and northern regions. Also, the Midwest is not as populated as the coasts. Essentially, I love my space and open areas.

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I was born and raised in Florida, and after living out of the country and travelling extensively, it's still hard to find a more satisfying place to live. Unless you miss cold, snowy winters, Florida's climate and coastlines offer outdoor satisfaction year-round. The cost of living is lower than the national average, and the state's widely diverse ethnic population makes it inviting to just about anyone.

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