Write a few thoughts on the following topic based on the novel, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding: Connect details from the novel to the outside world in a way that helps you explore a theme...

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There are many themes in Golding novel. The one theme that stands out is the balance between civility and savagery. When we take this idea and explore the world, we will be able to have a very fruitful dialogue.

First, we may want to examine what is taking place in various part of the world. For instance, think about all the civil unrest that is taking place in the Middle East. The line between civility and savagery is blurred in many ways. There are bombings, violence, and even the overthrow of governments. 

Second, we do not even have to look that far off, as we only need to think about the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Boston bombings. In the former there is a resemblance of civility, but in the latter there is extremely violence and the complete lack of order. 

Golding's work explores these dynamics in a microcosm. He shows that even if things start off well with educated boys from a highly civilized society, there is something in humanity that resists civility, when times become more dire. In conclusion, by looking at outside events, you can understand the novel better and vice versa. 


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