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Personal WritingThe year 2050 evokes a futuristic world. What will life be like then...

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Personal Writing

The year 2050 evokes a futuristic world. What will life be like then and what will be your role in it?


Music, art, and literature are all important in American life. Describe, in detail, an encounter you have had with one, music, art, or literature, during the last year. It may be a positive or negative experience. 


If you could have a conversation with anyone who has ever lived or who is alive today, who would it be and what would you talk about? Be Specific


Describe in detail a person who has had significant influence on you. 

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I am really more of a reader, but in the last year I had a little more exposure to art when I decided to decorate my classroom (well, trailer, to be more accurate) with prints of (mostly) famous paintings. I've got some Picasso, Michelangelo, Davinci, Monet, and Van Gogh, along with a few unknowns. My students like to occasionally ask about them and try to figure out what they are, or even why they are. Of course, sometimes they use the opportunity to try to get me off track.

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If you were trying to decide which of these topics to choose, I would try brainstorming all of them.  The one that seems to be the easiest for you or where you have the most ideas would be the one to pick.  For example, you could write about what you’d talk about with a loved one that died.  I would choose my grandfather.  I would tell him how my grandmother was doing and share my successes with him.

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I would choose the "person from history conversation" topic and select an artist to talk to. I would like to have a conversation with William Faulkner or Ernest Hemingway, or maybe Henry Miller or James Baldwin. 

Talking with a musician or a political figure might also be very interesting. Mohandas Gandhi and Bob Marley are two figures from the 20th century that I find fascinating. 

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I would choose the "person from history conversation" topic and select a musician.  The person I would choose would be either Billie Holiday or Janis Joplin.  Both musicians struggled with life and yet produced music I love.  I would ask Billie how she could stand being the singer for the band and yet be excluded from any place they stopped.  How could she sing "Strange Fruit" and still keep singing?  I would want to know if she knew that she  would be a huge influence on singers to follow her.  As for Janis, I would ask her how she could be so disliked in high school and yet have the courage to be the singer for the band, Big Brother and the Holding Company.  How did she make that transition?  How did she find that the blues were her niche in music?  I also would ask her how she managed to create music within the constant drug/alcohol haze in which she lived.  Lastly, I would tell her that for me, she was my introduction to blues which led me to so many other wonderful musicians and I will be forever grateful.

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