Other words for overweightDoes anyone know any other words for overweight? I'm writing an argument text about junk food and I don't want to use the word 'overweight' all the time. Anyone has any...

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There are many terms you could use. Obese of course is one. Hefty and stout  and portly and rotound are others. You could use the term--healthy vs. unhealthy weight. You could go over the concept of Body Mass Index and even show how that number is arrived at. I would just point to scientific data and not seem judgemental. It is possible that the person grading your report or members in the audience hearing your report could be offended by the term"fat" since more Americans than ever are overweight.

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You might consider the phrase "unhealthy weight" for use in your essay. Many of the examples above will do the trick as well. The benefits of this phrase - unhealthy weight - are the specific connotations it carries. You are considering health issues in your essay, so utilizing a phrase directly related to healthy weight could fit in nicely. 

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I think the word "obese" is good.  You can also use "large" and "big" but I agree that you should use the words correctly and define the words.  You definitely want to be sensitive about the issue, and careful in what you say.

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Alternate the words you use.  It is almost always better to use specific vocabulary like body mass index rather than general terms like fat.  If you talking about a person who is obese or morbidly obese, then use that term.  If you are talking about obesity or just being overweight in general, terms like husky, large, or disproportionate might be appropriate.  Remember that overweight, obese, and BMI are medical terms so be sure you are using them correctly. 

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The word "obese" might work well for you in your argument. You could also make reference to an unacceptable Body Mass Index (BMI) number, for example saying something like:

Junk food leads to an unacceptably high BMI.

As a general rule, using the word "fat" is not a good idea, since it has a kind of judgmental aura to it. 

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There are lots and lots of words that mean "overweight."  Many have different connotations or refer to different levels of overweightness.  For example, if you are talking about really fat people, "obese" or even "corpulent" could be used.  I was thinking you could use the word "stout," but that might not go well in an academic paper.  You could sometimes use phrases like "above ideal weight" or "having a high BMI."

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Other words for overweight

Does anyone know any other words for overweight? I'm writing an argument text about junk food and I don't want to use the word 'overweight' all the time. Anyone has any good words?

Over weight is the result of excessive fat accumulation. it is mostly hereditary based problem. how ever it is depending upon the intake of fact/carbohydrate contents also. as long as it is maintained with regular excercises besides the young age group, it is no harm. over weight in above 40 age is injurious to health.

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in your case you can say that person will plump or pudgy either way hope it helps =)

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