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One major trend in the world today is “green technology”. Green technology is...

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lcowan6 | Student, Undergraduate | (Level 1) Salutatorian

Posted April 21, 2013 at 1:27 PM via web

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One major trend in the world today is “green technology”. Green technology is basically a term to encompass environmentally friendly and non-toxic technologies and inventions.  What is one green technology that is better than its non-green alternative?

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pohnpei397 | College Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

Posted April 21, 2013 at 1:48 PM (Answer #1)

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There are many “green” technologies that are, at least arguably, better than their non-green alternatives.  Let us look at a few.

There are green light bulb technologies that are better than the alternatives that have been available.  Two of the best today are compact fluorescent bulbs and light-emitting diodes (LEDs).  Both of these technologies can be said to be superior because they use much less energy for a given amount of light.  They do not emit much heat and so they turn more of the energy they use into light.  They also last much longer than regular incandescent light bulbs.  For these reasons, they seem superior.

One technology that is not commonly seen as “green,” but which very well could be is the new technology of 3-D printing.  We can say that this is green because in part because it is less wasteful than other forms of manufacturing.  The printers simply print the shapes that are needed, without having to have excess materials so that (for example) the machinery making the item has a place to hold on to the thing being made.  In the future, these could also cut down greatly on shipping costs if we get to a point where it would be economical to have printers in many homes and many stores.  Things could be printed on the spot instead of being shipped.

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