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Oliver Twist --helpI have a research paper to do, the topic is as follows:"Charles...

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Oliver Twist --help

I have a research paper to do, the topic is as follows:

"Charles Dickens as a social reformer- consider the problems of society that are addressed in Oliver Twist."

I need help coming up with the three main points I can discuss in my paper, and possibly a solid thesis.


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Well, first you have to decide that Dickens is or isn't a social reformer.  It is probably easier to argue he is, but it's your choice.  How you interpret the book and the author's purpose is tantamount in your reasons and support given.

Next, you will need 2-3 reasons why you support that he is or is not a social reformer.

One of the most important things to point out is the effect of laws on the lives of the poor.  They are confined to workhouses, mistreated, condemned, and starved.  The world they live in seems to have no redeeming qualities and that they will never break the cycle.  Find examples of that in the book.

Oliver, among other characters in the book, seem to be cheerful and optimistic about the future most of the time.  Perhaps Dickens is making a statement about the nature of "good" people regardless of social status and that good will always prevail.

Good Luck!


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