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Obama picks Rick Warren for invocationI know I'm probably opening up a controversial...

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engtchr5 | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Associate Educator

Posted December 18, 2008 at 11:04 AM via web

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Obama picks Rick Warren for invocation

I know I'm probably opening up a controversial can of worms here, but here goes:

What do you think of Obama's choice to include evangelical pastor Rick Warren, who will deliver an invocation (prayer) during the inauguration? Was this a wise political move, or is he slapping his homosexual supporters in the face? Your opinion counts... 

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linda-allen | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Senior Educator

Posted December 18, 2008 at 11:32 AM (Answer #2)

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I heard that this morning on Fox and Friends. One of the anchors, Gretchen Carlson, thought Warren was compromising his own beliefs by agreeing to give the invocation. The other two, Steve Doocey and Brian Kilmeade, thought it was a sign that Obama is reaching out to the people who didn't support him. They did talk about the fact that some of Obama's supporters may feel that he is betraying them with this choice. I won't be surprised if they do criticize him, but I don't think they'll ever turn from supporting him. They are too fanatical. Let me give an example: One of the teachers I work with actually wrote up a discipline report on a student for saying something negative about Obama before the election. He actually believed the boy should be suspended just because he holds opposing political views.

I think we need to wait until we've heard the prayer. Warren could use this opportunity to seek God's will for the new administration. It coudl be just what those of us who voted for the other guy need to hear!


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kwoo1213 | College Teacher | (Level 2) Educator

Posted December 27, 2008 at 9:18 PM (Answer #3)

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I believe this is a smart move by Obama, personally.  I think this is his way of reaching out to people who may not have voted for him and/or who did not support him.  Who are we to judge Obama's choice for his own inauguration prayer?  It is his choice and I respect that.  I believe Obama will reach out to ALL people, supporters and non-supporters, to show his desire to unify.

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accessteacher | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

Posted June 16, 2010 at 2:43 AM (Answer #4)

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I agree with kwoo1213 on this one - Obama worked so hard to get to be president and it is his choice as to what he includes in his inuaguration. We talk so much about individual freedom so we need to give Obama the freedom as an individual to include an evangelical pastor as part of his inauguration if he wishes.

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litteacher8 | Middle School Teacher | (Level 1) Distinguished Educator

Posted June 27, 2011 at 6:37 AM (Answer #5)

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Politics is about making overtures. By choosing Warren for the invocation, Obama was reaching out to the mostly Republican Evangelical population. Obama knew that he was going to need to build bridges with Republicans. As for Warren, he did not necessarily compromise his beliefs by providing his services to Obama. He was forming alliances too.

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