In the novel Animal Farm something happened to the seven comandments right...=/ well what does that foreshadow in Animal Farm? sheesh why is Napoleon so Jealous of Snowball anyways..snowball is...

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The number seven has been used throughout history to mean completeness or spiritual perfection. In the 6th century, Pope Gregory described the seven deadly sins as the seven worst things a person could do during life--they are the opposite of spiritual perfection. Orwell used seven for the commandments to reflect the original meaning--the spiritual perfection of Animal Farm. When the pigs begin to change the commandments, they reflect the seven deadly sins--pride, envy, wrath, sloth, avarice, gluttony, and lust--and these seven deadly sins foreshadow the downfall of Animal Farm.

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The commandments are first shown by the pigs to be something that will last forever and show that they are different from humans by having clear rules.

When the commandments are changed, this foreshadows that the pigs will eventually be just as corrupt as the humans.

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