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Notes about the  conflicts that different characters experience and their views on...

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Notes about the  conflicts that different characters experience and their views on those conflicts.


Church vs Community     

Community vs Community    

Desire vs obligation        

Independent View of God vs God is law                                                                                                              

Truth to self vs Truth to community            

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Rev. Parris is involved in the "church vs. community" conflict.  In this case, he would represent the church; he is constantly worried that the community is going to overthrow him from his position as Salem's reverend.  The community has been complaining about his greed and the fact that he constantly tells them that they are going to hell. 

The conflict among the members of the community involves those who are for the girls vs. those who are against the girls.  This conflict shows Proctor, Corey, and the Nurses battling the girls and most of the other members of Salem including the Putnam, Parris, and the court.  In the play, Judge Danforth says "you are either for the court or against it." And if a person was against it, he/she would constantly be worrying about being accused of witchcraft.

In the "desire vs. obligation" conflict, we can examine John Proctor.  At one point in his life he did lust over Abigail and at times in the play it may seem that he still has a soft spot for her but he recognized that his obligation to his wife and family was much more important than anything else in life. 

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