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Need to write an introduction for "Estimation of Height Calculations".For science I...

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Need to write an introduction for "Estimation of Height Calculations".

For science I have to write an introduction for the write up "Estimation of Height Calculations".

It's about working out a persons height based on their femur x a certain amount etc. (eg. for a male: (1.880 x length of femur) + 81.305 = their height)

I cannot find any good information on the internet, it may just be my bad searching skills though, if someone can help that'd be great!

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You might want to begin by explaining that the study of the proportions of the human body goes back at least as far as ancient Rome. Da Vinci's famous Vitruvian Man drawing is an illustration of the concept that the human body's parts alway occur in the same proportions. You could then explain a bit about anthropometry, which is a modern forensic technique used to extrapolate information about an individual's physical characteristics from an examination of their bones. Anthropometric calculation methods were developed by examining data from a large number of samples, and are generally considered to be quite accurate. The numbers you have been given to use in your lab undoubtedly came from anthropometic data.


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