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I need to write an essay on an important event in Animal Farm showing how the event...

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deborahfletcher | Student | eNotes Newbie

Posted May 25, 2012 at 2:38 AM via web

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I need to write an essay on an important event in Animal Farm showing how the event portrays the themes. Any ideas?



I thought about, for an event, at the end of the book the animals can't tell the difference between man and pig. And a theme that event portrays could be how the book is a satire of the Russian revolution. How could I elaborate on that?

By the way this is for a high school essay, not too complicated!

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amarang9 | College Teacher | (Level 1) Educator Emeritus

Posted May 25, 2012 at 3:14 AM (Answer #1)

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Remember that the animals staged a revolution because Mr. Jones was a tyrant; he overworked the animals and abused them. Old Major declared man was the enemy; he even warns them not to become like men. The irony, literally symbolized in the scene where man and pig look identical, is that the animal revolution leaders have become ruthless leaders themselves. They don't just physically resemble men; they abuse the "lower animals" just as Mr. Jones did. 

If you want to elaborate on this, check out the Historical Context link and talk about how both the animal revolution and the Russian revolution were initially full of promise for better living conditions, but ended up just replacing one abusive power structure with another. In both cases, the revolutionaries became just like the ruthless leaders they tried to get away from. Also, since Napoleon represents Stalin, talk about how he (Stalin) was an ally but he was also a tyrant himself and he had an agreement with Hitler. 

During World War II, the Soviet Union sided with the Allies. But Stalin and Hitler initially made a non-aggression pact (Napoleon and Mr. Frederick). So, Stalin was an ally but also signed an initial treaty with Hitler. This shows the duplicity of Stalin, represented by Napoleon, and that idea of duplicity is also illustrated by the man-pig similarity. Napoleon no longer represented the animals' best interests. As Napoleon no longer represented them, he no longer resembled them.  


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