I need some good techniques for writing this essay on Romeo and Juliet:"How Does Shakespeare Portray Romeo As An Unconventional Hero? Link This To Another Literary Heritage Text" I want to compare...

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*NOTE: Your request has been edited to pose only one question at a time per Enotes rules.*

Before doing anything, I encourage you to break down the steps of this essay into a manageable order:

  1. Think and plan.  There are three things going on in this essay: qualities of an unconventional hero, Romeo, and Rochester.
  2. Brainstorm.  Consider a list of conventional heroic qualities (dashing, brave, selfless, smart, talented, fights for true love, etc).  Then, consider the qualities that Romeo and Rochester possess that seem to go against some of these.  You might also consider how Romeo and Rochester are most alike and ask if the qualities they share could also be considered unconventional.  As you brainstorm ideas, include quotes from the text for support.
  3. Organize.  From your brainstormed list, organize your ideas into what could become three paragraphs.  Group similar ideas into categories and give each category a title.  Perhaps you will have two of Romeo's qualities in a group each and your third group then could be the one that Rochester shares with Romeo.  (NOTE: If you are writing more than a 5 paragraph essay, create more than 3 different groups of ideas.)
  4. Outline.  Turn your 3 category titles into topic sentences and put your supporting evidence (quotes) in the appropriate paragraphs.  This is a great time to see which topics lack solid evidence.  Go back to the text for more support but if you cannot find anything, consider revising the topic sentence a little bit.
  5. Write.  Use your outline to write the rough draft.

The links below should help you get started with your brainstorming of qualities and support for each character.

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