I need a short paragraph giving at least three of the plot developments in the textbook's excerpt from Romeo and Juliet.Write at least five complete sentences. Please give me it from the begining...

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I assume you mean Act I, Scene II.

First, Paris approaches Lord Capulet about his interest in marrying Juliet.  He likes Paris and would welcome Paris as a son-in-law, but he wants him to wait until Juliet is older and wants to see if Juliet likes him back.  He invites Paris to his party that evening to give her a chance to meet and attempt to woo Juliet.  This leads to the second plot point where Capulet orders his illiterate servant to deliver the invitations to the party.  Meanwhile, the third plot point, Benvolio encourages Romeo to forget about his love for Roseline and try to find another girl. These two conversations become connected when the servant interrupts Romeo and Benvolio and asks them for help reading the invitations, so he can deliver them.  They comply and the servant thanks them by inviting them to the party.  Benvolio encourages Romeo to go and Romeo agrees only because he knows Roseline will be there.


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