I need a quote from the book describing Atticus' physical appearance. 

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Descriptions of Atticus's physical appearance are minimal in the story. The chief focus throughout is on his sterling inner qualities. However, we do know that he is 'nearly fifty' and to the young Scout's way of thinking, this makes him 'feeble'. The reference to him wearing glasses and being nearly blind in his left eye, as quoted in the previous answer, is probably the most extended physical description we get of him. Incidentally, his observation about 'left eyes' being 'the tribal curse of the Finches' is an amusing twist on his sister Aunt Alexandra's obsession with heredity. Aunt Alexandra is always going on about the genteel and noble qualities of the Finch family from generations back, but that doesn't interest Atticus.

There is also a reference to Atticus's size, when at one point Scout remarks that

For a big man, Atticus could get up and down from a chair faster than anyone I ever knew.

This is when Scout has just answered back to her aunt and Atticus swiftly intervenes to make her apologize. 


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A quote is any line from the book.  The words spoken by a character is dialogue. 

The description is actually in chapter 10, but we have to keep in mind that he is described by Scout who is very young and very unreliable.   "Atticus was feeble"  "he wore glasses.  He was nearly blind in his left eye, and said left eyes were the tribal curse of the Finches."

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