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How can a sound project be made using recycled household items?apply knowledge about...

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How can a sound project be made using recycled household items?

apply knowledge about sound to create a musical instrument that makes different pitches,with slow or fast vibration,\required to use at least one recycle item

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Why not create a xylophone, using bars of wood and hollow gourds to create the different sounds. Longer gourds provide a low sound and shorter gourds, a high sound. Arrange them in order of length. Place bars of wood above the gourds. The gourds help to resonate the sound. The recycled item you use, could be the mallet you need to strike the xylophone keys. It must be rubber, plastic or wood. If you look around your home, an old toy, plastic bottle or even a wooden stick would probably be suitable. Xylophones independently arose in both Africa and Asia. It might be fun to make this instrument using gourds, sticks and other household items.

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I like the idea of a xylophone type of instrument. You might rather use aluminum soda cans for your tone-bars. fill them with appropriate amounts of water, and then use mallets to hit them. The mallets can be made with pencils and a bit of yarn wound around the eraser end to create a ball.

Another type of musical instrument you can make from recycled items located at home is a percussion instrument much like a maraca. Fill an empty plastic water bottle with small gravel from the drive way, dry beans from the cabinet, or uncooked dry rice. Each item will offer a different level of percussive noise.

You can make a horn type of instrument by using garden hose and a funnel or a funnel end from a plastic soda bottle. You will need some duct tape to secure the pieces together and to make them air tight.   You can make a primitive horn by simply using the soda bottle with the flat end cut off. Buzz your lips like making a raspberry sound against the narrow funnel end, and voila...noise!

Check out the videos in the links below for other interesting and creative ideas.

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