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What is an idea for a marketing plan project that draws from my own employment...

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What is an idea for a marketing plan project that draws from my own employment experience, which happened to be at an automotive collision repair shop?  The product to be marketed has to be actually used by my current employer. 

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Marketing a product associated with the automobile collision repair industry need not be difficult, at least if the marketing already conducted for auto repair shops, including body shops, is any indication.  One need only focus on the products actually used in one's place of employment.  Automobile collision repair shops use replacement parts.  These parts either come from the original manufacturer of the automobile in question -- for example, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, etc. -- or from an independent company that manufacturers auto parts but is not an automobile manufacturer.  When this educator worked at auto parts store many years ago, many engine parts were manufactured by TRW, which is rarely associated with that line of work.  Marketing TRW automotive parts as superior to the competition would have been a viable option in conducting an assignment similar to that presented in the question.

One of the products collision repair shops typically use is automotive paint.  Matching the color scheme as accurately as possible is a major concern of those performing the repair work.  Especially for an older car with faded paint, color matching can be extremely difficult, unless the entire body is repainted.  That makes the quality of the paint important to the shop and to the customer.  A student looking for an idea for marketing could focus on a line of automotive paints and market it as the superior option.

Similarly, automotive glass can be marketed, or any other part that is typically used in reconstructing a car damaged in a collision.  Marketing is all about instilling in the mind of the consumer the notion that one particular product or brand is superior to the rest.  It need not be, as qualitative distinctions between products can be highly subjective, but marketing is about persuasion, not fact.

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