I need ideas for a 4-5 stanza poem with poetic devices that has a chorus "Do you know what I'm waiting for?"I need ideas for a 4-5 stanza poem with poetic devices that has a chorus "Do you know...

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How intriguing.  Any time there's a question involved, I think of a riddle.  Perhaps you could choose something (or four or five somethings) which would become puzzles for the reader to figure out.  Perhaps an event you're looking forward to with anticipation, or maybe a season (as mentioned above), or possibly an emotion.  Lots and lots of choices here.  Happy writing!

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This sounds like an interesting assignment. Since the chorus is written in second person using "you," it means that you are talking to someone or something. If you talk to something, then you would be writing an apostrophe (a poem that addresses something that is not human). This would be a poetic device. In English literature, many apostrophes were written to some aspect of nature, such as Lord Byron's famous "Apostrophe to the Ocean." Maybe you could do something of the same.

Since you can write four stanzas, that suggests the four seasons. Suppose you wrote your poem to the seasons. For instance, if you were talking to spring, what would you say? What would you be waiting for in spring? What would you say to summer? What would you be waiting for in summer? Get the idea?

I'm sure there are many other ways to construct your poem, but I think this would work for you, considering the requirements of the assignment. Go to the eNotes link below for some help with poetic devices. Good luck!!



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