I need a help in writing an academic essay please.The essay must be about a famous musican


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If you can write about anyone, Claude Debussy of France is a composer who embraced the Impressionist movement that swept his country at the turn of the 19th century.  Like the painters of his time, his works break away from the concepts of traditional form and harmony, yet they are delicate and pleasurable.  One of his most famous works is "Afternoon of the Faun," a piece that has heavenly lilts and turns and sensory components that are not dependent upon one note.  His work is often called the transition from the Romantic Movement in music to the Modernist.  Debussy, in fact, declared that the primary purpose of music is to give pleasure to its listeners.

You can find much information on Debussy easily. There are audios of his music, as well, to which you can listen.  For help in constructing your essay, see the enotes how-to topic sites   Happy listening!


(Debussy has been called the greatest composer of music for the piano since Franz Liszt.)

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I think you need to identify a few things in preparing to write this essay.  The first is if this paper is a biographical essay.  Do you simply have to write about the musician's life?  Are there other elements that you have to incorporate into the paper?  Once you have figured this out, you will have to sit down and determine how you are going to structure this essay.  My guess is that you will talk about the musician's background, some of the influences on the musician, what characterizes the musician's work, some significant samples of their work, and their legacy in their field.  For each of these points, you will need to have evidence and explain your thoughts significantly.

I think making sure that you have the evidence and the information provided and the sitting out to outline or sketch out your thoughts will help you develop a draft, and from that your essay.

The sites below are designed to help you write a formal paper.  Even if your essay is not a formal paper, I think the sites below will be able to help you generate ideas, collect the best data, and begin the process of drafting your paper.

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Thank you both for your help.

But sometimes I do not have problem with writing the eesay, the problem is even how to paraphrase the sentence if I use a source or in the grammar. 

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Paraphrasing, like summarizing, is a specific writing skill that develops with practice. When you paraphrase a passage from a research source, you need to express the idea or information in your own words, without plagiarizing accidentally. Some students make the mistake of taking a sentence or passage, and then simply replacing some of the words with words of their own that mean the same thing. This isn't paraphrasing, though. It is a type of plagiarism.

To paraphrase well, read the passage from your source very closely and make sure you understand it. Then ask yourself, "What does this passage say? What is the author's point?" When you answer those questions in your own words, you are paraphrasing--expressing the idea or ideas in your own language. Most writing texts have sections on paraphrasing, along with examples and practice exercises.

For help with your paraphrasing and general grammar problems in writing, consider this. I notice that you are a college student. See if your school has a writing lab that offers the services of tutors. Most colleges, I believe, now provide free tutoring for their students in a lab environment. Frequently, the tutors are students themselves who are very skilled in the conventions of writing. If you have access to this kind of help, do not hesitate to use it.

If your school does not have a writing lab with tutoring, see if you can find some other students on campus to form a writing study group. Reading and editing each other's papers is very helpful. Also, you can post specific questions about your paraphrasing and grammar on the enotes Grammar and Composition Group discussion board. The link appears below. Good luck with your work.

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Thank you very much.

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sometimes i face a sentence that i can not parafrase it . what should i do in this case?

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I think that it might be difficult to post the whole essay on enotes.  Perhaps, you can identify areas on which you are unsure and can post excerpts of those in this forum?

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If you cannot paraphrase, then quote the line and cite the source according  to the APA, MLA, Chicago Style, or whatever is required.

The bottom line is to either cite from where words, lines, passages,etc. are taken, or compose in your own voice.  Do not take a chance on any other method.

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