solve for x: `2log_b x= log_b 4 + log_b(x-1).`  



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`2log_bx=log_b4+log_b(x-1)`         (given)

Since,` alog_bx=log_bx^a`   and ` log_bx+log_by=log_bxy`   we get:


`rArr x^2=4*(x-1)`

`rArr x^2-4x+4=0`

`rArr (x-2)^2=0`

`rArr x-2=0`

`rArr x=2`

Therefore, the required value of x is 2.

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your question is ,Apply laws of log and solve the problem.I hope you know laws of log.Log defined only for positive number more than 0.

`x>0 ,x-1>0` this implies `x>1` .


Now take your question.





`` taking antilog both side








So answer to your question x=2

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