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I need help with summarizing this paragraph. One of the great rewards of hiking or...

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I need help with summarizing this paragraph. 

One of the great rewards of hiking or backpacking is to follow a trail and, suddenly and without warning, top a hill or come to a break in the trees and see the panorama of the countryside laid out before you. The view of the distant waterfall or rolling hills is often remembered as the high point of the entire excursion. Such experiences occur in intellectual life, too. The moment of the” Aha!” which cartoonists usually render by showing a light bulb coming  on above someone’s head is an analogues happening. So too is the unexpected discovery that two things seemingly uncounted with each other are in fact intimately related. But while every hiker on a given trail will see the same view, the intellectual vista has the property that each person who comes to it can see something entirely different. 

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