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I need help with a Geography Project on India. The topics I might be able to use could...

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I need help with a Geography Project on India. The topics I might be able to use could be:

Major Agro Based Industries Of India

Any major river of India. E.g: Ganga, Yamuna

Major physical features of India-Himalayas/Deccan Plateau/ That Desert/ Coastal Plains/
Sunderbans / Island groups etc

Any aspect of India’s transport

These topics also have to have sub-topics. The prject has to be 10-20 pages, depending on the topic.

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Of that list of options, I suppose I would go with "any major river," and focus on the Ganges River.

The Ganges River is one of the longest in the world, and is vitally important to both India and to Bangladesh.  India, of course, is one of the most populated countries in the world, competing with China for top honors. A high percentage of that population resides within what is called the Ganges River basin.  Between the main river and its many tributaries, it directly affects the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Both as a source of water and of transportation, the importance of the Ganges cannot be overstated.

As important as the Ganges is to India politically, economically, and culturally, it is even more important for its significance to the Hindu religion, the majority religion of India. The Ganges is integrally tied to the theology and practice of Hinduism.  The most sacred day of the year for Hindus is during the period known as Avatarana. One specific day of that period, determined by the relationship of the moon to the Hindu calender, is the Ganga Dashara during which Hindus by the millions bathe in the river to wash away their sins. So sacred is the Ganges River to Hindus that any who can have their cremated remains spread in the river.

A sub-topic could be the effect of the river's massive pollution on the millions who are dependent upon it.


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Thank you so much. It is very appreciated. Thank you .

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