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Who or what were the Upansihads?79. The Upanishads were: A. The priestly class from...

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Who or what were the Upansihads?

79. The Upanishads were:

A. The priestly class from the caste system

B. A branch of the Indo-Europeans who settled in northern India

C. Commentaries and reflections on the Vedas

D. Warriors

E. The untouchables

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The Upanishads are books or parts of some bigger books that are recognized widely as standard and concise descriptions of Hindu philosophy. None of the options given in the question is a correct statement relating to Upanishads, though there is some connection with the option (C). There are some people who believe that the Upanishads contain the essence of the Vedas. But this view is not entirely correct.

There is no single list of Upanishads that is accepted by all scholars of Hinduism.  However some of the books widely accepted as Upanishidas include:

  1. Aitreya
  2. Bhagwad Gita: It is really a very small part (700 verses) of the much bigger epic Mahabharata (100,000 verses). It is the most widely known of the Upanishads, which is considered by many Hindus to be the holiest of all their religious scriptures.
  3. Brihadaranyaka
  4. Chhandogya
  5. Isha
  6. Katha
  7. Kena
  8. Mundoka
  9. Mandukya
  10. Prashna
  11. Taittriya

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