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How would the vice president for human resources at a medium sized company communicate...

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How would the vice president for human resources at a medium sized company communicate in a three-minute talk to a group of 20 managers and employees his or her vision for how to improve communications between those two groups, particularly in the area of listening to each other?

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A competent Human Resources manager knows that effective communications up-and-down the ranks, as well as laterally across levels of managment, is essential for a business to operate properly and profitably.  If given only three minutes to make his or her point, the presentation would have to be concise.  

Effective management of a business or sector within a business involves input from all levels of staff.  Any manager who assumes he or she knows everything there is to know about the best methods of operating is probably wrong.  The higher one climbs in a corporation, the farther removed she is from the levels where a product is actually constructed -- in effect, the factory floor.  Because good employees are thoughtful and responsible, they sometimes think of better ways to do things.  It is incumbent upon the manager, then, to leave his or her ego at the door and listen to what the employee suggests.  In fact, well-managed business regularly solicit such suggestions from workers.

Conversely, lower-level employees ought not assume they know better than those who came before them and have since ascended the corporate ladder.  They similarly need to be receptive to input from above, which is expected of them anyway, but sometimes personalities or temperaments interfere with effective communications.

That, in a nutshell, is what the Human Resources manager would have to communicate in three minutes.  Fortunately, that is not hard.

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