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I need help with an oral!!! URGENT. I have chosen the topic, and this is my argument:...

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I need help with an oral!!! URGENT. I have chosen the topic, and this is my argument:

Repeat offenders who commit indictable offences shouldn’t be rehabilitated and let back out into the community because....

but I dont know what I should argue and it is to late to change the topic.

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From the first part of your thesis statement, it would seem that you can only argue

1.  That repeat offenders have proven that they can't be trusted.

2.   That statistics have shown that there is a high rate of recidivism among repeat offenders.

3.   Society has a right to protect itself from criminals who can be expected to commit more crimes if they are not restrained.

I have offered a couple of reference links below. It seems to me that your best argument would have to do with the high rate of recidivism among repeat offenders and that you should offer some good statistics. It would also be effective if you could open with an anecdote about a repeat offender who got released and committed a really horrible crime.

I don't know how hard it would be to find the story, but I remember that Norman Mailer got a man released from prison because that man, a repeat offender, had become a good writer while incarcerated. The man had written a play about prison life titled Short Eyes which was made into a movie with the same title. I don't know if that movie is available on DVD. Anyway, this man was only out of prison for a matter of days when he murdered one or two people and went right back to prison. I suppose you could Google "Norman Mailer"--but maybe you already know of good anecdotes to dramatize your presentation?

I am writing this reply in haste because you say it's urgent.



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