My thesis: All cultures have their stories. They reflect a people's worldview and allow us to gain insight into their cultural knowledge and heritage.  How can this be seen in The Absolutely True...

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I think that you can find much in way of support of your thesis in Alexie's work.  Junior's reflections are stories layered upon stories.  Through stories, Junior is able to reflect his own worldview and the worldview of what it means to be Native American.  The stories that Junior relays in his narrative is one in which there are world views of self and culture revealed.  Consider how Junior talks about his grandmother's funeral.  It is described as both an act of sadness and resistance.  There is sadness at her passing and how she was killed, but there is also resistance in how many Native Americans attended and rejoiced at her memory. This story is reflective of a world view that Junior possesses in terms of both the sorrow and power in being Native American.  At the same time, it is a world view of what it means to be a member of a marginalized group with a proud heritage in light of an uncertain present.  Another example of a story that can represent heritage would be the manner in which Junior describes the narratives of his family.  The discussion of his father in terms of a good heart existing beneath the veneer of alcoholism or of Junior's sister, who had talent only to see it extinguished in self- destructive behavior, are representative of stories that hold both personal and cultural significance. These stories help to convey the sorrow and joy in being Native American.  This conveyance is as an articulation of both cultural and personal world views.


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