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I need help in an essay to talk about the cultural aspects of 1984 by George Orwell....

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I need help in an essay to talk about the cultural aspects of 1984 by George Orwell. Not sure what to pinpoint the most.

This essay is for a humanities class so i want to relate it to how some things are similar in certain ways from the book to present time. It has to be 1,000 words and im not sure if I have enough to talk about to cover that or how to structure my essay so that it makes sence.

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What have you covered thus far? When I teach "1984" to my seniors, one of the biggest similarities we discuss between the text and the present time is the idea of a loss of privacy and/or government intervention into the personal lives of the public. In the book, the characters are under constant scrutiny of Big Brother. Many of my students make comparisons to modern-day technological equivalents of "Big Brother" -- things like traffic cameras, regulations on school lunches, and laws that prohibit members of society to make their own decisions about issues that should be personal (take for example the state of New York's recent decision to not allow women who give birth to choose formula over breastmilk without signing waivers and going through a number of steps... when did a mother's decision to breastfeed become the government's business?). Perhaps focusing your essay on current-day society's inability to live independently of a big government would be the best bet for you.

I hope this helps!

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While writing don't forget that the characters in 1984 were constantly supervised by Big Brother, a thing which has become fashionable nowadays even in public areas and schools. I am talking about my own experience, last year I taught in a university where every classroom and corridor were equipped with a camera: teachers were watched by "the Big boss" as well as the students and the administrative staff. Maybe in other context this will be funny, like for example with "loft story" or "star academy" :people watching 'future celebrities' 24/24. It's not that comfortable, and although one tries to forgert about the camera, he/she will unconsciously control his/her behaviour. I think that nowadays even cell phone is a means of supervision, you can't escape answering it even when you don't feel like talking (which is different from having a home phone line).

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